Yves Frulla: The Prix Gemeaux Celebrates Excellence in Canadian TV

YvesFrullaAn accomplished keyboardist and synthesizer programmer, Yves Frulla has worked with a number of great musicians, most prominently Celine Dion. A native Canadian, he has arranged music for both Canadian television and film. In fact, his work for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s coverage of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City earned Yves Frulla a nomination for the Prix Gemeaux. The Prix Gemeaux is largely unknown in the United States, but is a great honor for French-Canadian performers and artists.

Established in 1987, the Prix Gemeaux is awarded to honor excellence in a Canadian television performance. The award is reserved for French-language programs and is sponsored by the Academy of Canadian Film and Television. The academy was created in 1979 to showcase Canadian achievements in the film industry, and the Prix Gemeaux serves to promote its pursuit of exceptional television programming. The English-language equivalent of the Prix Gemeaux is the Gemini Award. Both are bestowed annually.


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